In March and April 2007 Millennium Marine Contractors Ltd were contracted by Torbay Council to complete a two phase repair on Babbacombe Beach Pier.  The Inner and outer 100 meters of Pier wall had been badly eroded above and below water by high tidal movement, bad weather and strong winds. The first phase was to repair a large void at the end of the pier at the base of the footings below water. Steel shuttering was erected using divers and mass concrete was poured. Due to the logistics and poor access to the area small loads were used and hoppers taken to the work site to discharge.  The second phase of the work was to repair the smaller cracks and voids to the inner and outer harbour walls. The method of repair adopted was to use spray concrete, this enabled an uniform finish.  Double accelerated ‘Spray Crete’ 40 supplier by Reader was the material of choice. Its rapid strength gain allowed the tidal flow to cover the freshly sprayed areas within hours.